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Combing scene study with individual exercises, the advanced scene study class will take your acting to the next  level.   Designed  to  help  each  actor  develop  their  own  acting  style, this on-going class stresses the

concept of being private in public.  The personal exercises encourage self-discovery that, in turn, lead to a better sense of self. Bringing this in-depth sense of self to the scenes explored in class enables each actor to make more dynamic and interesting choices. As a result, their characters are brought to life with honesty and vulnerability.  Each scene is thoroughly explored on its feet with detailed notes given to help the actors delve deeper into the life of their characters and their relationships. The scenes are  filmed from a variety of different angles to simulate an "on set" stmosphere. While filming, actors will recieve direction and ajustments, and tape is played back and analyzed to help actors get as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. 


Admission into The Advanced On-Camera Scenes Study class is by interview only, and is designed for experienced actors. If you're ready to take your craft to the next level, please contact the studio today to schedule an interview.  


Jason is a highly sought after and in demand private coach who works with some of today's top film and TV talent. Whether it's for an audition or for a role you've already booked, Jason will help you bring your best to every project.  


- Contact the studio for rates and packages.

Private Coaching

Career Advancement

Advanced On-Camera Scene Study

Demo Reels

JW Studio demo reels are second to none and lead the industry in production value. All content is written and  directed by  Jason and are shot with industry standard equipment.  Whether you're focusing on comedy 











- Contact the studio for a free consultation.


In a class limited to just 4 students, Career Advancement is designed to help actors manage and take control of their own careers. Combining business and marketing strategies with on-camera audition technique, this class gives actors of all levels the tools they need to find success. This class is a must for actors who want to maximize their castability and develope a career strategy.  


- Contact the studio for more information.

or drama,  film or TV,  all of the scenes have the look, sound, and feel of professional studio productions. The importance of a high quality demo reel is paramount to an actor's career and castability, and the JW Studio pride's itself on providing actors with every tool they need to succeed in the industry today.   

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